Sunday, February 2, 2020

Mobiltel Management Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Mobiltel Management - Case Study Example The study has picked up the business environment in the South-Eastern Europe and has selected Mobiltel as the pivot for analyzing HR management policies and practices. Mobiltel stands to be one of the largest and most reliable Mobile Phone Service providers in Bulgaria, whose origins could be traced to the year 1994. Eventually, it was in September 1995 that Mobiltel was launched commercially in Bulgaria and since then the company has managed to assure a noticeable success and sustenance, while braving the diverse economic, political and organizational crisis and situations that came its way. The suitable, relevant and ever-evolving HRM practices at Mobiltel certainly played a central role in making it a business leader that enjoys the coveted honour of being amongst the top 10 Bulgarian companies. The raw material of the study is the HR management principles and practices adopted by Mobiltel, with an eye on the circumstances under which this was done. The conclusions of the study ar e based on the information gathered through a structured questionnaire and the secondary information culled out through the company sources and independent research. There is no denying the fact that East European corporations and especially the corporations of South-East European origin do face many challenges emanating from local and global circumstances, which do press on their ability to assure sustainability and market leadership. One simply cannot touch on the issue of South-East European business environment, without alluding to the political environment in the region that certainly has a direct impact on the available human resources and their management. The creation of new countries, courtesy the breaking of the erstwhile Eastern Block, the ongoing social fragmentation on the ethnic lines, the inability of the political authorities to materialize the policy and leadership related decisions made in the early 90s has definitely curtailed the outside support and help accessible to the South-East European corporations (Daianu 2000). In such a scenario the economic and corporate reforms only benefitted those regions and corporations that we re in tandem with the ethos of the European Union. The apt management of Human Resources certainly qualifies to be a strategic concern for the more progressive regional success stories and thus deserves all the attention and concern of the academic and corporate circles. In the contemporary

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