Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Crime , justice, society Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 1

Crime , justice, society - Essay Example nd promotion of the fundamental freedoms of all people, the human society will be no different from the Animal Kingdom where there is the survival of the fittest.2 One way of bringing equality to the practice of individual freedoms is through the enactment of laws and the running of the criminal system, which defines punishment for people for various offences committed. As much as the criminal system is important in defending the defenceless and ensuring that there is greater level of fairness in society, it cannot be said to be faultless. Recently, attention has been drawn to the limitation of the criminal justice system, particularly when it comes to the issue of miscarriage of justice.3 This is because whiles trying to enforce enacted laws, there have been cases where people who do not deserve punishment and prosecution have unduly received these. With this situation in the criminal justice system recognised and acknowledged, there have been different interventions that have been taken to solving it. In this paper, two major interventions namely the criminal appeal system and the criminal cases review commission are critically assessed in the context of how best they help in solving the problem of miscarriage of justice in England and Wales. The Criminal Appeal System in the U.K is directly vested in the roles and procedures of Her Majesty’s Court of Appeal in England and mandated under the Criminal Appeal Act 1995. As the name implies, the criminal appeal system is in place to ensure that people who have issues with the passage of judgement in other lower courts will have the opportunity of appealing their judgements. In the U.K., there is so much prominence placed on the criminal appeal system such that the Her Majesty’s Court of Appeal is made to come only second to the Supreme Court of the U.K. The Appeal Court and for that matter the criminal appeal system has been in place since 1875 with the purpose of ensuring that no one falls out on the need to

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