Saturday, November 2, 2019

Energy Anatomy Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Energy Anatomy - Assignment Example This paper illustrates some of the chakra principles and how they affect life, health as well as energy Energy anatomy simply illustrates how human bodies are a large energetic work, which also forms the intersection point for the power, spirit and matter (Myss, 2005). The human body has a combination of several locations, which also serves as the reservoirs for the energy; they are known as chakras. It has been discovered that the only way in which these chakras can be balanced, is when individuals adopt the tendency to love themselves and others unconditionally. This is the most effective source of healing. It is impossible for people to have a physical expression without the help of the chakras which act as an open ‘doorway’ for the flow of the emotional, mental and spiritual forces within the human conscience. The energy that is generated from the mental and emotional structures of an individual is what flows within the chakras. It is later distributed to the tissues and cells of the human body. Energy anatomy has been vital especially to the individuals who have been dependent on the modern medication that is costly. This is because it is a self-healing plan that will make anyone lead a balanced life free from traumas, stress, and spiritual imbalance (Myss, 2005). There is a total of 7 chakra energy centre’s that are vital for the well-being of an individual. In chakra one, the most targeted areas during the exercise are the areas that support the spine, bones, legs, rectum, as well as the immune system. When these areas are balanced an individual will become secure in every surrounding, the self-esteem, confidence and feeling of security is which is good for health. Though regular exercises can lead to varicose veins, back pain in the lower parts as well as rectal tumors Chakra 2 is an energy exercise that

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